Dubai has a lot going for it; from best beaches in Dubai to its expansive shopping malls, it offers something for everyone. But what about Kuwait? Is it any good?

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Which city has better infrastructure? Dubai or Kuwait?

Both cities are known for their valuable offerings. For example, Dubai is known for its amazing beaches, high-rise buildings, and luxurious lifestyle. There are many things for shoppers to do in Dubai.  On the other hand, Kuwait is home to the largest oil reserves in the world.

"Dubai vs. Kuwait - Which is Better?"

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Cost of Living Comparison

Dubai is an expensive place to live overall. However, if you compare the cost to other big cities such as Sydney or London, the cost of living in Dubai is relatively low. Dubai has emerged as one of the most favored destinations for its expansive malls and world wonders like Burj Khalifa.

Coming to Kuwait, the consumer prices here, including the rent and food expenses, is 29% cheaper than in Dubai. The grocery prices are considerably low in Kuwait. If you need AED 12000 to live in Kuwait, you need to spend AED 17000 to maintain the same standard. However, you can find inexpensive restaurants in both cities.

If you are looking for an affordable vacation, Kuwait takes the lead.


Both cities experience hot, dry weather year-round. However, cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai are warmer than Kuwait during the summer months. There is no escaping the heat here. The temperature gets hot during summertime. Both destinations have more or less similar weather conditions with the slightest variation of 3-5 degrees.


Dubai lies in the middle east. It belongs to the United Arab Emirates. The city of Dubai has become increasingly popular with tourists and expats alike due to its extravagant lifestyle. There is very little rain in Dubai.

The temperature ranges from warm to hot. Dubai is also favorable for frequent travelers as Europe, Africa, and the remainder of Asia are easily accessible within a few hours by air. Several attractions make Dubai a top-listed city for travelers across the world:

Here are some listed attractions that gives you all the reasons to visit Dubai:

• Burj Khalifa (The tallest building in the world)

• Ferrari World

• Gold Souk

• Palm Islands

• Jumeirah Mosque

• Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

• Dubai Museum

• Dubai Mall

• Ski Dubai

·    Emirates of Ras Al Khaimah

Kuwait City is located on the Persian Gulf coast, at the River Al-Ahmadiya. This area is rich in history. In the past, this location was occupied by the Dilmun.

Some of the famous attractions of Kuwait are:

·    Al Shaheed Park

·    Tareq Rajab Museum

·    The Avenues - Shopping Mall

·    Sheikh Jaber Ahmad Cultural Centre

·    Tareq Rajab Museum

Kuwait is a very safe place to travel to. There are only 7,000 hotels compared to 150,000 in Dubai. Drinking alcohol is illegal, but you can still go out and enjoy yourself. Tourist attractions are few, but the souk is fantastic. You can also get cheap meals and drinks. Kuwait attracts expats for its trade opportunities.

Both countries share similar weather conditions and easy travel. Both of these cities give access to various major cities. However, Dubai is more developed than Kuwait. There are many best hotels in Dubai that are renowned on world map for their ultimate luxury and grandeur. Therefore, Dubai wins.

Career Opportunities

The unemployment rate in Dubai is considerably high as compared to Kuwait. While Dubai stands at 4.2%, the unemployment rate in Kuwait is half at 2.2%. Both the cities come up with abundant employment opportunities, yet Dubai, in the relative comparison, lacks in creating new job opportunities.


For those who are not permanent residents in Dubai, there is no free education here. You have to pay the fees if you are an expat. But the standard of education in Dubai is relatively high. Kuwait also runs on similar lines when it comes to education standards. Even in Kuwait, the expat needs to pay the fee.


The good news is, Salary in both Dubai and Kuwait is tax-free. The wage rate in Dubai is a bit higher as compared to Kuwait. An average accountant in Dua earns $42,500, while in Kuwait, the same accountant gets $36,500. However, as the cost of living is also low in Dubai, this salary difference does not make much difference.

If you are explicitly looking up to the cities for the sake of earnings, Dubai indeed takes the lead.


Dubai offers many hospitals and clinics for a reliable health care system. Most people prefer going to private hospitals because they provide better quality services. Healthcare facilities in Dubai are well equipped and provide excellent care. In case of emergency, you will be taken to the nearest hospital.

In Kuwait, healthcare facilities are not so good. They are usually crowded and lack medical equipment. People tend to avoid visiting doctors unless they are sick. Hospitals and clinics are generally run down and poorly maintained. Many people prefer going to private clinics instead of public ones. If you need urgent care, you should try to find one near your home.

Crime Rate

Safety is the prime concern when you plan to move to another city or country. Coming to Dubai Vs. Kuwait, both towns offer a safe living with strict laws in place. Grading from 1-100, 1 referred to lowest and 100 being the highest; while Kuwait city stands at 34.57, UAE takes the lead by standing at 15.45.

Hence, from the safety considerations, both the cities are ideal to live in. But if you are explicitly comparing the safety aspect, Dubai is much safer.



There is no doubt that both cities are great places to live in. Yet, Dubai is the best choice if you want to work. It offers numerous career opportunities, better safety, good public transport connectivity, and better locations to explore. Also, the salary offered by employers in Dubai is quite impressive. It is also much safer, but the cost of living is also high compared to Kuwait.