As Dubai continues to attract more expatriates worldwide, many of whom have never stepped foot in the Middle East before. It is incumbent upon the locals to teach these new arrivals how to shop 'Arab style.'

Here are 10 things you need to know if you plan on doing a lot of your shopping in the Dubai can metropolis.

We created a list of shopping malls in Dubai that shoppers must do in Dubai to ensure a positive and memorable experience.

1.     Mall of the Emirates

Counted among the premium shopping malls of Dubai, it is undoubtedly the best place to shop around. With over 560 shops in this mall, you can buy from traditional stores, high-street brands, and handicraft shops.

It has a good number of restaurants and cafes serving very delicious cuisines so you can enjoy meals while shopping. As the mall owns an indoor ski slope and VOX cinemas, you have plenty of options to enjoy when you are on your shopping spree.

Places like Burj Al Arab, the Pointe, Downtown Dubai, Mondo Arte Camel Company, Al Jaber Gallery, Ski Dubai, and Dubai Community Theatre and Art Center

2.     Souk Al Bahar

We call souks bazaars, and this one is the best place to shop in Dubai. Not only does it offer great deals on many products, but it also has several cafes and restaurants located near the water's edge offering scenic views, which makes your meal all the more pleasurable.

Many tourists enjoy shopping here as the place holds around 100 shops of different kinds and offers a free 3D show with a virtual reality experience, which is unique to this place.

3.     Aim for Barsha Mall:

If you are looking for designer wear and branded items, your best bet will be to head towards Barsha! It is one place where you will find every kind of apparel you wish to buy, whether it's Indian or any other global brand. Compared to other places in Dubai, you will get more for less here.

4.     Make the most of excellent offers:

Dubai is mainly known for its 5-day shopping festival, during which many of its malls offer great discounts combined with a host of entertainment activities all over the city. If you are planning to shop during this period, be sure to take advantage of those offers as that is the best time to buy things for a lesser amount. You can save a lot of money and enjoy purchasing things from various malls as the shopping festival covers almost every mall in Dubai!

5.     Visit Souk Al Khor:

If you are looking for handicrafts and global brands that sell products at a discounted price, head to Souk Al Khor. It is the place where you will find some of the best deals on these items, along with several cafes, which make your shopping experience even better. You can shop here without breaking the bank!

6.     Mall of the World:

If you are planning for a delayed shopping spree, we recommend heading to Mall of the World at 2 AM. There is nothing like this out there, and you will find stores open throughout nighttime if it's not raining. After Iran Mall, it is the largest mall in Dubai located in Mohammed Bin Rashid.

You can buy products from all kinds of cities worldwide here at meager prices!

7.     Dubai Mall:

If you are looking to buy fashion wear at throw-away prices, Dubai Outlet Mall is the best place to head-on. They fetch the last season stocks from the brands like Boutique 1, Harvey Nichols, Wrangler, Stella McCartney, Adidas, Givenchy, and many more. You can reach here from Dubai Creek Metro Station.

Attractions like Dubai Aquarium, The Dubai Mall Waterfalls, Dubai Fountain, the world's tallest buildings - Burj Khalifa, Souk Al Bahar, and lunges like Calabar and Buhayra.

With its excellent collection of interior home decor products, you would love to indulge in home decor too.

8.     Wafi Mall

Established in 2001, the pyramid-shaped facade structure of this mall makes this mall a unique place to visit. You can find the Egyptian theme and artwork collection across the mall. The eminent rejuvenation centers here make this place the top things to do in Dubai.

From its 350 stores, you can enjoy an excellent shopping experience!

9.     Ibn Battuta Mall

Considered one of Dubai's largest shopping centers, this mall is likely located on Sheikh Zayed Road. The mall was named to honor an Arabic explorer Ibn Batuta. With over 275 shops in the mall, it is divided into Andalusia, India, Egypt, China, Persia, and Tunisia.

Explore the exhibition center at the China section to grab a glimpse of Dubai culture.

10.  Nakheel Mall in Palm Jumeirah

Explore the stunning collection of jewelry and pashmina at Nakheel Mall. The mall is popular among shoppers for its avid dining and entertainment offerings. It is well connected with the Palm Monorail station and roads for easy accessibility.

Enjoy the serene views of The Palm while enjoying an exotic lunch at fine dining restaurants. 15-Screen Vox Cinemas complex, Waitrose supermarket, Fitness First, and Fabyland are some of this mall's fabulous offerings.

While the Annual Dubai Shopping Festival is held in Dubai in January and February, Dubai Summer Surprises Festival is held in July, and August is known only to a few shopaholics enthusiasts. Dubai is all about exploring middle eastern culture, indulging in extravagant shopping, and relaxing on a golden sandy beach.

The city comprises many family-friendly activities that make it a perfect destination for a vacation with family or friends!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are the other major attractions of Dubai?

Iconic tourist attractions like Dubai marina mall, world's tallest building - Burj Khalifa, Dubai gold souk, Dubai coffee museum, heritage and diving village, Dubai aquarium, Legoland Dubai, ski Dubai, al fahidi fort, Jumeirah beach, and other important contemporary art galleries make Dubai ab premier destination for the travelers across the world.

Question 2: Why are all the malls shut down on Fridays?

Dubai follows a five-day workweek schedule followed by most countries in the Middle East. All governmental and non-governmental organizations follow this schedule, allowing people to enjoy their weekends peacefully. Shops and malls are also closed down on Fridays as a part of the weekend retreat.

Question 3: What is famous for shopping in Dubai?

Dubai has turned out to be a popular choice for shoppers worldwide. It offers an excellent collection of fashion wear, traditional clothes, global brands, and many more at discounted prices. Endless shopping and eating at Dubai summer surprises festivals put Dubai on top of the list of must-visit destinations for travelers worldwide.


Dubai is a fascinating city with its rich culture and heritage. It offers several tourist attractions from monuments to shopping malls, beaches to souks, theme parks, and contemporary art galleries. All these attractions in Dubai make it one of the most visited cities across the globe.


What are you waiting for? Make the best out of your time in Dubai this year by indulging in a shopping spree to make up for all shopping-related posts from across the world!