Visiting Dubai in Middle east is one of the top destinations for expats and immigrants to live and work. Obviously, there are many things shoppers must do in Dubai. But, we are going to start with the really important stuff.

While there are many things to do in Dubai to make your vacation exemplary, there are many things you should not do when living and working in this amazing city as well.

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In this blog, we are going to focus on things you should never do in Dubai.

1. Do Not Talk About Politics or Religion in Public

People from different backgrounds and with different opinions get along just fine. There are no serious religious or political conflicts. The openness and tolerance of the people are what make Dubai in Middle East such an interesting place to live and work. However, this tolerance does not extend to public displays of opinion, making it mandatorily among the things not to do in Dubai.

As I have said before, if you speak negatively about religion, politics, and/or other people in public, it will be taken as a direct insult against the people. This is not only frowned upon by the authorities but will also cost you heavily if you choose to take your complaint to court. If you are convicted, it can result in a jail sentence. So, avoid speaking about anything related to religion, politics, or other people in public.

2. Do Not Miss Visiting the Popular Spots

When it comes to popular spots in Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Bur Dubai, The Burj-Al-Arab, The Palm Jumeriah, Dubai Marina etc are just to name a few. This glistering city has become a world class tourist spot for its amazing offering. When you happen to be in Dubai, it makes sense to make the most out of your vacation by visiting all its iconic places without a miss.

From its swanky malls to its man-made beaches, world-class hotels, and bustling nightclubs Dubai is a city of dreams for anyone who wish to spend a memorable vacation.


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3. Don't Gorge During Ramadan

You should avoid drinking, smoking, and publicly eating in Dubai during the Ramdaan period publicly. It is not allowed to smoke or drink from day to dusk as it is a Muslim city and Ramadan is one of the pious months having great relevance in Islam.

You should not even chew gum or snack in the public area. There are dedicated off-screen areas in the hotel where you can enjoy your meals. However, pregnant and children are allowed to eat but make sure not to offend anyone.

4. Don't Greet People with the Left Hand

When you are in Dubai, always greet the people around you with your right hand, even if you are a left-handed person. Especially when you are going to serve the food or open the door for someone, never use your left hand. The primary reason for this is that the left hand is meant for flushing water and using toilet paper.

If you are left-handed, we recommend you to be ambidextrous. However, if you want to drink water, you can use the left hand.

Never Carry drugs in Dubai

5. Avoid Dressing Inappropriately

In public areas such as malls, mosques, beaches, and theatres, women should dress appropriately. Although, Dubai is well-known for its Hi-Fi clothing. But women are not allowed to wear revealing clothes like skirts and other skimpy clothes.

Wearing loose clothes will make you feel comfortable in the hot and dry climate. Indecent clothing may also cost you a fine in Dubai. So, pack your bags with modest and loose clothes to make the most out of your Dubai Trip.

6. Never Consume Alcohol in Public

Yes! we know Dubai is all about fun. When you are on your vacation, sipping a can of beer while chilling around is among your top-list. However, if you drink alcohol in Pubic in Dubai is strictly prohibited. It is legally banned by law and can land you in jail. A perfect vacation experience in Dubai calls for celebrations only in lounges and other private areas.

7. Avoid Rude Hand Gestures While Driving

Dubai is all about fun and excitement. Whether you are exploring a sports car drive or visiting around this scenic city exploring its culture, the only thing you need to take care is your hand gestures. Avoid signaling drivers or other people around while you are traveling around Dubai.

Even if something annoys you during the visit, make sure to avoid any offensive hand gesture like sticking the middle finger as it can land you in big trouble.

8. Don't Take Photographs Without Permission

Snapping people in Dubai, United Arab Emirates without permission is another strict 'no' for anyone visiting Dubai. Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, man-made islands, and inviting souks tempt you to take photographs of this scenic city. However, you must be conscious while capturing this beautiful city in your camera to avoid any trouble.

The people here do not allow you to take your photos without their consent.

9. Avoid Indulging in Public Affection Display

If you are planning some romantic moments with your parntenr while standing the world's highest observation deck or holding hands while roaming around world's tallest tower, Think Again!

Public Display of Affection is a big no no in Emirati culture. Acts such as kissing, hugging and holding hands are not allowed in Dubai. it is socially considered as illegal and you may end up in jail. Playing loud music and even dancing on the road is not allowed in Dubai. Locals do not find it acceptable. When you are exploring the best tourist places in Dubai, you have to avoid Public Affection Display at any cost.

10. Avoid Cross-Dressing

The land of Dubai prohibits homosexuality. On your vacation, if you are planning to cross-dress, you should give up this thought right away. You must dress modestly according to your gender, as obliged by the law in Dubai. In 2008, the Dubai police arrested more than 40 tourists for wearing cross-dress and violating the law.

A word of Caution: You may have a jail time for carrying painkillers and prescription drugs along while travelling in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can unmarried couples go to Dubai?

Yes. unmarried couples can go to Dubai. As per the latest amendment in the Penal code in November 2020, now married couples can visit and cohabit in Dubai. The luxury hotels catering to foreign clients are much relieved after this amendment.

Is it safe to visit Dubai as a solo traveler?

Dubai is a safer place to visit for solo travelers. There are safety rules and regulations in Dubai that make it a safe city for anyone to visit.

Can I wear short clothes in Dubai?

While visiting the spiritual places in Dubai, you are not allowed to wear short clothes in Dubai. However, of you are roaming around the Dubai mall, a lavish dinner at burj al arab, shopping at spice souk or enjoying at lounge, you can suitable wear short clothes.