Requirement For Tourist Visiting Dubai 2020

(i) Please check prior to the visa requirement for visiting Dubai. You can check the requirement from here:

(ii) All guests arriving in Dubai must take a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test up to 92 hours from the date of arrival. The negative result must be printed in English or Arabic. No handwritten, SMS or digital certificate will be valid or accepted. On arrival, the PCR test is mandatory.

(iii) Children under the age of 12 and passengers with a severe or moderate disability are exempt from the test. 

(iv) Need to have medical travel insurance with international coverage that covers COVID19 before traveling. Passengers will need to sign a declaration to bear quarantine and treatment. 

(v) Health declaration form is required to be filled prior to arrival confirming that you are not displaying any covid symptoms

(vi) If you are traveling with Emirates Airline, You will automatically receive global coverage of COVID-19 health coverage


Safety Measures Implemented in UAE


(i) At the Airport: Thermal scanners are placed to monitor the temperatures of all passengers and employees stepping into the airport. Gloves and masks are mandatory for all passengers and employees 

(ii) Hotels: Operating rigorous sterilization and disinfection procedures.

(iii) Public Transport (Bus & Metro): Unified directory of safety and etiquette signage in public transport. Extensive cleaning and sterilization. Wearing a mask and practicing physical  

(iv) Taxi: Isalotaors between taxi drivers and passengers. Hand sanitizer dispensers always onboard. Daily sanitation and disinfection after each use. Driver wear mask and gloves 

(v) Public & Private Beaches: 2m between people and 4m between two groups at beaches 


General Safety Measure across Family and Entertainment Attractions


(i) Temperature checks at malls, hotels, restaurants, beach, clubs, and offices

(ii) 2 meters of social distancing implemented in all areas 

(iii) Wearing of Mask 

(iv) Intensive sterilization and disinfection