Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, and it's a city full of surprises. It's also a great destination for tourists as it serves as a gateway to other countries in the region, such as Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. From exploring the Best Beaches in Abu Dhabi to indulging into a shopping spree with Best Malls in Abu Dhabi, the city has something for people across different interest genre.

In this blog post, we are going to list nine places that make Full Day Abu Dhabi City tour from Dubai- an amazing experience for anyone.

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We recommend you not to miss them when you are in Abu Dhabi. Here they are:

1.      The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - An Architectural Marvel

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the largest in the UAE and one of the most beautiful mosques worldwide. It is also a top-rated attraction for the Abhu Dhabi city tour.

The Women's Mosque was built in 1987 in Abu Dhabi city while considering all Islamic canons about privacy necessary for ladies to pray without men's eyes on them.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque can hold up to 40,000 worshipers. There are also a lot of other services available such as a bookshop for holy books and souvenirs, a café with a wonderful terrace, a museum and many prayer rooms, making it an integral part of the Abu Dhabi city tour.

The ancient architectural masterpiece will bring you to your knees with its haunting beauty. The 82 domes and sky-piercing minarets create a skyline unmatched by any other building on earth while acres of gleaming white marble greet visitors at every turn for miles around!. The sight of the Sheikh Zayed mosque is truly amazing, especially when you see it at night.

The architecture is worth exploring as it is comprised of both Middle Eastern and modern designs.

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2.      Embassy Area/ Bateen Area

Al Bateen is a key residential area in Abu Dhabi with a commercial neighborhood. It is a wonderful place to go out and eat with your friends, dance and have a lot of fun. There are many restaurants, pubs, and cafés to choose from whatever you want, from Chinese food to oriental or Italian food, from French cuisine to American cuisine. You will also find there some Arabic eateries if you feel like tasting local food.

While on your Abu Dhabi city tour, don't forget to get into some of the pubs and dance all night long with your friends. Weekends are pretty crowded in Abu Dhabi, so you may need to queue to get in!

3.      Abu Dhabi Corniche

Abu Dhabi city tour is incomplete without visiting Abu Dhabi Corniche. It is counted as one of the most beautiful places in Abu Dhabi to attract a large crowd on weekends. It's the best place to enjoy your Saturday or Sunday afternoon with your family and friends while strolling along its beautiful corniche. You will see their many people, joggers, cyclists and street performers who give an amazing atmosphere to the place.

As you walk along the corniche, do not forget to drop in at some of its cafés and restaurants for some great food. There are also many shops with souvenirs to make your shopping experience unforgettable!


4.      Emirates Palace Photoshop

Wow, what can we say about this palace! Being the biggest and the most expensive hotel ever built, it's also one of the most luxurious hotels globally.

Located on an artificial island, the hotel covers an area of about one million square feet. It has 2826 rooms and suites with balconies that offer amazing views over the Persian Gulf. It also offers 15 state-of-the-art conference rooms, a wide variety of restaurants and bars, a spa & health club facility with 8 treatment rooms, including its world-class Ritz-Carlton Spa.

The Emirates Palace Hotel features three outdoor pools, one with an 80 feet slide! One of the most famous landmarks in Abu Dhabi is located at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The Emirates Palace Hotel of Abu Dhabi has already been voted as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Exploring its beauty and places for a full day is overwhelming!

5.      Al Fahidi Fort of Abu Dhabi

Al Fahidi Fort of Abu Dhabi is an ancient fort located in the center of the Bur Dubai area. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum built the fort, Ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, to symbolize his efforts for progress and restoration.

The Fort Museum of Al Fahidi Fort in Abu Dhabi is an archaeological site with many historical monuments dating back to the 18th century. The museum was built near the fort to preserve its identity and put it on display for residents and tourists visiting the area.

6.      Heritage Village

Abu Dhabi City tour is incomplete without Heritage Village. This village is located west of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. It's a replica of traditional buildings that are found in different areas of the UAE.

It is a place where you will be able to walk in the footsteps of the UAE's past. It has been created to give visitors a better understanding of what life was like in Dubai before it became a thriving metropolis.

The village consists of Souk Al Bahar, Heritage Village Souq, Bastakiya Quarter, and Ain Dubai. Each area has been constructed to reflect the architecture and living conditions of the past accurately.

7.      Abu Dhabi Marina Mall

It is a great place to go shopping. It is the largest mall in Abu Dhabi, and it has a wide range of shops, restaurants and cafes where you can buy souvenirs, clothes, shoes and more. Anyone dropping in Abu Dhabi city cannot afford to give this mall a miss.

A visit to the mall is never complete without a boat ride. From high-end brands like Adidas and Aldo, or local favorites such as Tommy Hilfiger & Vince Camuto, you'll find all your favorite clothes here.

Opened in 2003, the artificial marina runs along a 3km stretch of shoreline. A heady mix of luxurious hotels, apartment buildings and cafes makes this place the perfect spot for any daydreamer looking to while away their afternoon or evening!

You will also find many cultural performances that will make your visit more interesting.

8.      Art Gallery

Exploring this art gallery on your Abu Dhabi city tour is fun. You will find a variety of pictures here that depict some really attractive landscapes of Abu Dhabi city.

N2N Art Gallery, Eithad Modern Art Gallery and Salwa Zaiden are to name some that give an extraordinary glimpse of Dubai - as a good cultural hub.

Do you know why these art galleries are among the best spots for your Abu Dhabi city tour? Well, their exemplary offerings of gallery blend scriptures and breath-taking ark work by acclaimed regional artists make them a perfect place for any art lover.

Finding books and magazines on different subjects for sale is a joyful experience for any ardent reader. Grab a coffee or a sandwich before going out again to enjoy Abu Dhabi city. The view from this place is simply stunning as you overlook Dubai Creek and the surrounding area.

9.      Al Serkal Avenue

It is a new art hub of the city. It is a relatively small street with a few interesting shops, cafes and restaurants. However, its position in the heart of Al Quoz makes it very attractive for this area's visitors. You can also find many freelancers or artists that want to promote their work from all over the world!

The place is a nice place to hang out with your friends and have a few drinks while you discuss the day's events. So, if you want to enjoy an interesting evening in Dubai, this would be a great option.

10. Dates Market

Dubai is known for its dates, and how can one miss them while on their Abu Dhabi City Tour? Yes, Dates Market is the best place to buy fresh, local produce that has been harvested in the United Arab Emirates. You can have lunch or dinner in different restaurants to try some delicious Emirati food.

A market is a busy place all day that will awaken your senses with its colors and smells! It's worth visiting as you can buy many dates there such as the black ones or the white ones. They also sell other vegetables like okra, eggplant, etc. If you like fresh produce, then this place is perfect for you!

Final words

If you are visiting Abu Dhabi for the first time, it is very important to understand what things to do in Abu Dhabi.

Once you are done with shortlisting the top-rated places, you must visit Abu Dhabi. You are all set to plan out an extraordinary holiday.

However, there are other important things that you should remember before planning your trip. Picking a hotel room that suits your pocket and taste (since Abu Dhabi has many luxurious hotels) and deciding whether you want to go by taxi or any other transport mode are important considerations. Plan your itinerary (though the taxi driver can help you if you are new to the city) to make the most out of your trip.


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