Do you want to know what should be on your platter when you will be on your trip to Dubai?

Once you are into this city of dreams, you would love to explore the best of here. From best hotels to stay in Dubai to best artificial beaches in the world. Then, why not the best food in Dubai? Dubai has always been known for its rich culture, vibrant offerings, and mouth-watering food. Dubai cuisine is a mix of Lebanese, Arabic, and Iranian Food filled up with tantalizing aroma.

Let’s face it – food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. And when it comes to food, Dubai takes the lead. Exploring the culinary tradition is one of the best things to do in Dubai.

We’ve got a collection of mouthwatering dishes from across the UAE that you simply cannot miss.

Non-vegetarian Delights

Here we have listed some of the best non-vegetarian Dubai cuisines that any non-veg lover would love to indulge in.

1.    Thereed

A delicious stew made up of goat, chicken or lamb is one of the traditional food of UAE. Served with roasted vegetables such as marrow, potatoes, pumpkins, and tomatoes, this traditional stew is served with the Emirati thin bread called Rigag.

The vegetarian version of this stew can be prepared by eliminating the chicken.

2.    Oozie - Ramadan Special

An incredibly popular dish which is often that you can often find in Ramadan and weddings in Dubai. This dish is a soul-soothing experience for any foodie This special dish is accompanied by chicken or can be filled into pockets. It is cooked with rice and can be tried with yogurt. 

3.    Al Machboos

An amazing concoction of meat, onion, and rice coupled with dried lemon, salt, and spices, is what makes Al Machboos an incredible dish from Dubai which is known for its zesty flavors. It may appear plain or sophisticated but its heavenly taste takes you to the new world when coupled with raita and salad.

The traditional way of eating AL Machboos is to serve it on a large platter and all the members eat from the same platter by using their hands.

4.    Samboosa

Popularly known as Samosa, it is a triangular deep-fried patty filled with vegetables, minced meat, and potatoes. It is considered as a very famous Indian dish of Dubai with the only deviation that it is generally stuffed with meat in Dubai. You can observe the influence of foods from other countries in Dubai cuisine.

5.    Manousheh

One of the famous dishes from Dubai, this iconic pizza is made from Akkawi cheese, earthy zaatar herbs, and olive oil. You can easily find it in famous restaurants in Dubai. If you are looking for a luscious breakfast or want to try the best street food in Dubai.

It is a flatbread that is liked by the locals and tourists. Pair it with minced lamb and sweet jam to double your joy.

6.    Al Harees

This wonderful dish from Dubai is a mix of meat, wheat, and a pinch of salt. Considered the most savory dish of Ramadan, it takes hours of baking to prepare this mouth-watering dish. It is one of the best dishes from Dubai Cuisine which can be served with sugar, powdered cinnamon, and the same (butter) to deliver an exotic taste.

You can commonly find this dish in the best restaurants of Dubai.

7.    Stuffed Camel

Being one of the largest food in the world and mentioned in the Guinness world book of Records, it is a celebrity and the most luxurious food in Dubai. Generally stuffed with spices, sheep, eggs, chicken, fish, and spices, it is cooked on the spit over an open flame.

It is generally served on special occasions, Bedouin ceremonies, special occasions,s, and other family events.

8.    Iranian Sangak

An Iranian Leavened flatbread is on the top list of any bread lover. It is generally rectangular in shape and made from whole wheat. As it is gluten-free, anyone with gluten sensitivity can enjoy it well. If you are a health-frak, Indulging in Iranian Sangak is guilt-free. 

9.    Chelo Kebab

With a pat of butter, Chelo Kebab is a heavenly dish from Dubai which is served along with basmati rice. This scrumptious non-veg dish is known for its exceptional taste. When coupled with fragrant dill or sour zereshk berries, these melting kebabs take you to a new level of flavors.

10.  Shawarma

It is a Middle Eastern Sandwich that has traveled long to UAE with its incredible taste. It is made from spiced meat lamb or chicken and slow-roast to deliver maximum flavors. Although you can find Shawarma in Tokyo, New York City, Moscow, and Delhi, trying it in Dubai is a must!

You can relish it with pickles, vegetables, garlic sauce, fries, tomatoes along with an Arabic roti. It is one of the best things to relish in Dubai for its incredible taste.

11. Camel Burger

Popular as one of the healthier alternatives to Burger in 2010, the camel burger comes with much less fat and much high taste. Camel meat is used to make these burgers which is lesser in cholesterol as compared to beef burgers. You can find this delicacy through our middle eastern Emirati for its delectable taste.

12. Mandi

Once you drop into the best restaurants in Dubai, Mandi is a heavenly delight that you must order. An unusual mix of meat and rice, the aromatic taste of spices makes a huge difference to its taste. It takes a long time to cook this meat aromatically.

Counted among the most traditional dishes in Dubai., you will drool over its immaculate taste. 

13. Mehalabiya

Made from flavorful pistachios and rosewater, the standout flavors of this refreshing pudding make you feel heavenly. This healthy delight tastes like an oasis in the desert. This dish is highly popular among children as an after-dinner treat.

If you have sweet-tooth

Vegetarian Delights

If you are strictly vegetarian, don't worry we have included the best of vegetarian delights from Dubai to tantalize your taste buds. Here we go:

1.    Falafel

Made from fava beans or chickpeas, these deep-fried balls are an absolute delight to relish. Pair it with bread to uplift your dine-in experience with falafel. As every restaurant has its own unique recipe for making falafel, you must ask about the ingredients before you place your order.

It is a must-try Dubai food that every foodie must try. Try it with pita and hummus for a heavenly taste.

2.    Fatteh 

With its tempting tahini-sauce and yogurt topping, this dish is made with a combination of chickpeas and aubergines as the middle layer and bread soaked in stock form as a base. Pairing it with pine nuts and paprika will not let you go wrong. Overall, this tempering dish is served in most of the best restaurants in Dubai.

3.    Baba Ganoush

Made from tomatoes, onions, olive oil, and smoked eggplant, Baba Ganoush is an incredible vegetarian delight from Dubai that every foodie must try. This delicious food is gut-friendly and an excellent appetizer.

If you are not able to locate this dish on the menu of the restaurant in Dubai you visited so far, take the help of locals to know where you can find it. 

4.    Kousa Mahshi

This main course dish from Dubai is one of the classic foods from Dubai. The Zucchini stuffed with rice offer a lip-smacking taste winning rave reviews. This special vegetarian dish has made its way to 'Dubai special food'  which is loved across the world by foodies for its immaculate taste.

You must try Kousa Mahshi with a Lebanese wine to enjoy a scrumptious meal. 

5.    Madrouba

Most of the best restaurants in Dubai serve this tempting dish which resembles more like a Khichdi. Available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions, this popular dish in the United Arab Emirates is easy for your stomach to digest. Ingredients like garlic, tomatoes, and onion make this dish super-delicious.

6.    Shirin Polo

Loaded with the wonderful sweet garnishing, this exotic Dubai vegetarian cuisine is an exceptional concoction of Basmati rice, yellow onions, sugar, orange and tangerine zest, butter, saffron powder, and carrots.

For those who are looking for a vegetarian specialty in Dubai, trying this dish will make your day. You can try it with pistachio ice cream or berries to enjoy a fulfilling experience. 

7.    Kellaj

If you love the cheese, it is time to 'please' yourself. This grilled charcoal dish is a bread filled with halloumi cheese that is incredibly popular as finger food to satiate your evening hunger. Serve it with powdered sugar, this hot delight is one of the top-rated dishes in Dubai that is perfect for quenching small hunger. 

8.    Fattoush

If you are a health freak who wants a guilt-free indulgence, fattoush is one of the most popular dishes in Dubai. it is a Levantine bread salad using fried pieces of pita bread. It is one of the famous Dubai cuisines that many Asians adore.

A tangy lemon dressing over mixed greens is best as a side dish with this tasty delight from Dubai.

Lip-Smacking Desserts

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, indulging in some of the exclusive Dubai's desert is a must:

1.    Khanfaroosh

How about munching on a sweet dessert that perfectly compliments your tea? Made from egg, flour, saffron, cardamom, yeast, and rose water, you can find this delight at every nook and corner of Dubai. So, next time, when you are up to quench your cravings for a sweet dessert, Khanfaroosh is what you need!

2.    Esh Hasarya

Also known as the bread of Harem, it resembles more like a cheesecake with a cream frosting. This melting cake is one of the most popular desserts in Dubai. With plenty of restaurants in Dubai serving Esh Hasarya, trying this tempting cake is a must.

3.    Knafeh

A delectable pastry made from gooey sweet cheese, it is a popular Arabic dessert. Garnished with chopped pistachio and rose-scented syrup, this cuisine from Dubai is famous among dessert-lovers. You can find it easily in Middle Eastern places. When we mention Dubai's favorite food, Knafeh is a must to mention.

4.    Luquimat

These soft and sweet dumplings are a popular Ramadan dessert. It is made from sugar, flour, butter, milk, cardamom, and saffron, these small fried delights are loved by the sweet-tooth foodies across the globe. The melting taste of these dumplings will tempt you to eat more, more and more.

Frequently Asked Question

What type of food is Dubai famous for?

Dubai is famous for Lebanese and Arabic food. You can find the influence of other countries in the dishes like Samboosa which is inspired by an Indian delicacy samosa.

Is pork allowed in Dubai?

Pork is not allowed in Sharjah but it is allowed in Dubai.

What are the famous Ramadan foods of Dubai?

Luquimat, Al Hareez, and Oozie are some of the famous Ramadan foods of Dubai.

Is Dubai Food cheap?

Depending on the type of restauntant you choose to eat, the food price varies. There are many economic food eateries in Dubai where you can find economical meals.

What is Dubai's National food?

Khuzi and Machbooz are referred to as the traditional Dubai cuisines. Dubai drew the attention of the world with its culinary offerings like camel burger and stuffed camel.


Dubai is not only a sought after destination for world’s firsts buildings and amazing nightlife, it is well-known for its amazing culinary offerings too. So, next time you travel to Dubai, besides exploring its beautiful landscape, don’t forget to enjoy its traditional delectable delights too.